Empiris Creative Communication Ltd is a vibrant and professional integrated communications consulting firm operating in Kenya. Founded in Kenya in 2005, it was incorporated as a Limited Company in 2014.

100+ Book Reviews

100+ Satisfied Clients

99.9% Success Rate

What we do

As a development Communications Company we are well placed to offer strategic communication services required by a wide-spectrum of clients in an efficient and cost- effective manner.

We understand the importance placed by our clients on the selection of professionals in communications who have capacity to deliver the required services. We ensure superior quality and conform to the goals and objectives set out by our clients. We deliver on our promise, using state-of –the –art digital technology for all of our production and post-production services.

In responding to our clients’ visions and dreams in communications, three differentiators comprise our core-competencies in Empiris Creative Communication Ltd and which place us as the best service provider in integrated development communication

Our Vision
• To become the leading integrated communications provider of choice

Our Mission
• To be the most trusted integrated communications partner to our clients by cultivating a deep understanding of their needs; to deliver their requirements professionally and efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

Professionalism in everything we do
We provide Excellence in our works
We are efficient in everything
Superior quality
We offer Superior quality
24/7 Award Winning Support
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Integrity is part of us

Our Management Team

Lorna Seneiya Sempele Managing Director

Nyambura Kamotho Director

Peter Nyachome Project Manager

Vincent Kipkemoi Accounts and Finance Manager